Do you believe in aliens?

  • Well, do you? I have an uncle who is into the conspiracy stuff. He firmly believes that the government has made contact with other intelligent beings and is hiding it from us. I don't personally buy into that theory, but I'm not going to rule out the possibility that there's other life out there. Where do you fall on the alien scale?

  • I don't really have an opinion on whether the government has made contact with aliens or not; however, I do believe in the possibility that other life could exist on other planets. I feel that it would be narrow-minded to think we're alone in this Universe.

  • This topic always fascinates me. We see nothing from outer space footage we've had so far, but there are also situations that are hard to understand if we insist that we are the only ones.

    Sometimes my brain cells talk like this: if I think that alien plants or animals are highly possible, why do I push aside the possibility that there may be human counterparts out there?

  • I think so. Well, I definitely believe there's life out there, but I don't necessarily buy into the idea of little green men.

    onlyhuman, because it's scary to imagine that there's intelligent life other than us. What if they're hostile? What if they're smarter and more advanced? It's a frightening scenario to imagine, so your mind shuts it down. That's my theory, at least.

  • I definitely believe there are other living beings on other planets. However, I am not sure if we are ready to meet them, yet. Like MaddieAI said, There could be evil beings on there. For example, what if they have a version of Hitler that is 100 times more powerful?

  • Not even a little. If there was intelligent life out there, it would've found us by now and in such a way that the government couldn't possibly cover up.

  • I think that there are aliens, but I don't think that we are going to find them in the near future. Our technology isn't advanced enough. Hopefully if they find us, they are friendly aliens! :D

  • I believe that there are aliens, but I don't think that we are going to find them in the near future. Though technology isn't advanced for now. Hopefully if they find us friendly.

  • I don't believe as well, I never seen one in real life, they exist only in the American movies (Hollywood), 😂. I don't want to see any of them either in my world, they're just too scary.

  • Yes, I do believe that Aliens could exist. There are many evidences that suggest that aliens might exist. For example, many people point out the fact that we received the WOW! Signal from space several decades ago. However, a few scientists have pointed out that this signal was actually generated by comets as the frequencies of the signal matches that of certain comets. Regardless of that, I do believe that we are definitely not at all alone in the vast universe.

  • Haha to be honest, I am not sure if Aliens exists since the presence of Aliens has never been fully exposed. But if Aliens exists I think if its really cool. Just hope sooner or later someone will show proof of Alien life.

  • Well, I can say there are other living creatures in others spaces. However, it is difficult to confirm. They are just theories which are yet to be proven real.

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson once made an interesting analogy on why we haven't made contact with aliens. Basically he compared aliens and humans to how we view ants. Maybe we just aren't that interesting to more advanced alien civilizations.

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