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Hello and Welcome to this new Website

We want to create a new Community for space travel and we want to support upcoming Space Travel Projects in the future but we need you to help.

How you can help? Join the Community and talk with us about all Space related things like Space Stations, Space Ships, Planets, Astronomy and any other things. Our Forum is big enough.

If you want to use Voice or you do not like a Forum? You can join our Discord here: Discord SpaceFoxies

As a Registered User you can do the following things here:


Discuss with other people here and write some post or start a new Forum Thread.


You are allowed to create new Events in the Calendar. → A moderator must approve the event


You can create your own Gallery and you can upload your own Pictures to this public Gallery. A moderator must approve your Picture.


You are allowed to write own News here. A moderator must approve your News.

More is coming in the future.

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  • I like this forum since it offers a wealth of subjects to look through as well as amazing images of planets, spacecraft, space stations, and other celestial objects.

  • I liked this forum that talking about planet, astronomy ,we can learn many from here