The mysterious water fall

  • People are even creating small man made waterfalls along the course of small streams and converting it into private waterfalls where a family can enjoy in privacy.

  • There are many waterfalls around the world that are considered mysterious or unexplained in some way. The Blood Falls in Antarctica: This red-colored waterfall is believed to be caused by iron oxide in the brine that flows from a sub glacial lake.

  • Pailon del Diablo waterfall in Ecuador is located in the Amazon rainforest and the warm water is a result of nearby hot springs. The water from the hot springs mixes with the cold water from the waterfall to create a warm, misty spray at the base of the falls.

    Have ever been to a water fall that has a cold and hot water mixed together to bring out warm water? Yes it does exist and I've been there before. God indeed is mysterious.

  • There's another mysterious waterfall in Antarctica that produced red water when in reality, it was because of the chemical content in the water, specifically iron. Seeing that will startle me if I don't know why it's like that.

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