Ancient Aliens

  • How true are the facts in this show? I haven't watched all the seasons, but I find it really interesting. Having said that, I have read so many reviews from people saying that most of it is made up. What do you think?

  • Mankind has always looked for ways to explain the unexpected and unknown. I think that's what the show best represents. A desire to explain the impossible - tinged with fictional creativity, of course.

  • I honestly don't know if it's real or all fictional. However, many of the "facts" they discuss make so much sense to me. It may not all be real, but I personally think some of it is.

  • I don't have much experience with the show, other than watching a few episodes here and there. My overall impression of the show was that they are trying to take events and phenomena we don't fully understand yet and use aliens to fill in the gaps. Could it be true? Sure. But I think there could be more logical explanations than aliens did it!

  • It's an incredible story when you think about it. Alien sightings have been depicted from the beginning of time. It's fascinating that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics contained such imagery.

  • It's cool I'm already seeing topics here that interest me. Although some of their narrations may appear superficial or made-up, I personally think that other life forms may have come here before. It's really an interesting topic to discuss!

  • There's a lot of ancient structures like the pyramids that are not easy to build even with today's advanced technologies. That kind of gives credence to the ancient aliens theory,

  • I think that this show doesn't have a lot of basis in fact. Whenever I watch it, I think of it as fun speculative fiction. I think that there's a lot we don't understand about history, but we shouldn't jump to "aliens did it".

  • I feel that our history as a subject is filtered so much that every bit of new information feels like a conspiracy theory, nowadays it hard to believe anything.

    I think most of it is made up. Ancient humans were pretty capable people in my opinion.

  • I really wonder if we are the descendants of aliens. I mean that would explain how our architecture was so advanced during those times and it has stood the test of time.

  • The facts presented in the show should be taken with a grain of salt as many of the claims and theories presented on the show are controversial and not supported by mainstream scientific evidence. The show often presents fringe theories and ideas, and some experts have criticized the show for being sensationalistic and promoting pseudoscience.

  • Not everything from that would be realistic, but it can help give some ideas about what to study, especially if there is an explanation behind what they're saying. For credibility, it would just be better to seek other references.

  • The TV show "Ancient Aliens" presents hypothetical and unproven claims about the influence of extraterrestrial beings on ancient civilizations. The information presented in the show is not supported by scientific evidence and has been widely criticized by historians, archaeologists, and other experts in related fields. While the show may present exciting and entertaining theories, viewers should know that the claims are not based on credible scientific evidence and should approach them skeptically.

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